There are plenty of common factors between them

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The ultimate checklist to replace Grammarly

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I bet it does

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photo via flickr by MelodyJSandoval

On a bright sunny day in Pasadena.

Leonard: You seem to be in a bright mood. What you doing there?

Yes, we are on the same planet.

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The greatest lesson of my life

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Wait for the twist

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And how Victorian morality changed it all

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You won’t believe how big his family is

Ziona Chana along with some members of his family. photo credit : India news hd

How large is his family?

Apparently the guy didn’t like his free car!

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Aravind Balakrishnan

Introvert or Shy? Not sure. Bibliophile or Cine-buff? Both. Nethead or Story-writer? Still dunno. All I know is I want to write to live and I live to write.

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