There are plenty of common factors between them

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I have been writing on Medium since April 2020. In my seven months journey up to November, I had only published a total of 21 articles. That is an average of a meagre three articles per month. Too low for a beginner, I know, but I wouldn’t blame myself as I was kept busy by other assignments knocking at my door.

Somewhere at the beginning of December 2020, galvanized by the screenshots of impressive Medium earnings, I took a firm decision to crack the code to write a successful Medium article. I wanted a piece of big success.

Since I…

The ultimate checklist to replace Grammarly

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If you are venturing into the domain of writing, Grammarly is your must-have arrow in the quiver.

Or is it not?

What if I tell you that Grammarly is like an unskilled detective going through the motions, following a mundane-robotic approach in each case? I have been using this tool for the past two months, and I found that its algorithm has eyes for only a particular set of errors. If you can spot them by yourself, you might as well save yourself a few bucks.

What are those common mistakes Grammarly is keen to pick up on? …

I bet it does

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Before we get any further, I want to clarify something: I am a perpetual optimist. My snide memes shouldn’t trick you into believing that I am a pessimist waiting for this universe to explode. I would fail 100 times to try 101 times and would recommend you all to continue your valiant, relentless efforts to achieve success on Medium.

However, it is also true that most of us are struggling to get a move on, questioning our choices, and always wondering how to create a fascinating article.

Statistics show that only about 8 percent of users on Medium manage to…


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On a bright sunny day in Pasadena.

Leonard: You seem to be in a bright mood. What you doing there?

Sheldon: (Without taking his eyes off the computer) Oh, I have been working on this blogging platform called Medium. I am exfoliating its algorithmic brain.

Leonard: Blogging? You already have more than one medium to torture people. What happened to your Fun with Flags?

Sheldon: Well, for starters, this one has a credible method to make money. Unlike Google Adsense, which couldn’t see the genius behind FWF. It’s a shame for a company that claims to be farsighted.

Leonard: The proverbial sour grape, huh?

Sheldon: Sour grape…

Yes, we are on the same planet.

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I held my breath as I watched the astrologer’s hands fiddle through the magic beads. My parents, drunk by the enormous gravity of the situation, looked at each other. I tried to remember the ‘deep breathe techniques’ to keep my raging heartbeat rate under check.

A few seconds from now, his hands would separate a certain number of beads, and that would pretty much decide if I can marry the girl I love!

You think I’m joking? Relationships are the last thing I kid about.

Welcome to India. And Welcome to the consulting room of an astrologer from a local…

And how Victorian morality changed it all

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Sati was a practice in Hinduism where a widow jumped into her husband’s funeral pyre and killed herself. In 1829, thanks to reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the barbaric practice was abolished.

Can you imagine the plight of those women?

But guess what, roughly around the same period, in another part of India, women enjoyed limitless freedom, which some considered was bordering on wild licentiousness.

I am talking about south India, the regions in Malabar and Travancore kingdoms, which are now a part of the Indian state of Kerala.

These bold women of ancient Kerala happily reveled in the…

You won’t believe how big his family is

Ziona Chana along with some members of his family. photo credit : India news hd

Was that you yesterday, who opened a bottle of beer and confided in your pal about the great responsibilities of running a family?

Well, if Ziona Chana was your friend, he would have probably laughed at your narration. This 76-year-old man from India surely knew a thing or two about keeping a family together.

In fact, he is believed to be the head of the largest family in the world.

Sadly, Mr. Chana bid adieu on June 13th, succumbing to hypertension. And he wouldn’t ever be your beer-mate.

How large is his family?

Apparently the guy didn’t like his free car!

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Dowry(noun): an amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.

According to India’s Dowry prohibition act enacted in 1961, gifting or receiving dowry is punishable. And yet, the custom of dowry flourishes unchecked, living under the name of ‘gifts’ to the groom.

It’s a bit like how the Supreme Court of India banned ‘Bandhs’ (a name for strike), and it resurfaced in the name of Hartal (another fancy name for a strike).

Dowry has always been a bane for the Indian bride. Vismaya, a BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) student, found…

Or trip over it

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So, you watched a motivational speech by this famous actor.

As you listened to his pumped-up oration in rapt attention, you felt an electric current charging your system. A secret voice whispered in your ears that you are destined for greatness. The watershed moment of your life had finally arrived.

Energized and elevated, you promised to be the version 2.0 of yourself from tomorrow.

And yet, 72 hours later, you are wound up on your couch with popcorn and Netflix.

Sounds familiar?

An inspirational speech, a movie, a song, a book, a quote; there are many materials offering packets of…

How did he lose this game?

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You have probably heard this story far too many times: silent movie star Charlie Chaplin entered a look-alike contest and came at the twentieth position.

Some versions make the actor’s rank better, elevating the actor to sixth, seventh, or even third.

But is there any truth in this narrative?

Well, it is not entirely implausible to think it turned out so.

The story says Mr. Chaplin entered the contest without his famous mustache and boots. So yes, that might have cost him the title.

There are more takers for this version because it makes for interesting reading. …

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