There are plenty of common factors between them

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I have been writing on Medium since April 2020. In my seven months journey up to November, I had only published a total of 21 articles. That is an average of a meagre three articles per month. Too low for a beginner, I know, but I wouldn’t blame myself as I was kept busy by other assignments knocking at my door.

Somewhere at the beginning of December 2020, galvanized by the screenshots of impressive Medium earnings, I took a firm decision to crack the code to write a successful Medium article. I wanted a piece of big success.

Since I…

The ultimate checklist to replace Grammarly

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If you are venturing into the domain of writing, Grammarly is your must-have arrow in the quiver.

Or is it not?

What if I tell you that Grammarly is like an unskilled detective going through the motions, following a mundane-robotic approach in each case? I have been using this tool for the past two months, and I found that its algorithm has eyes for only a particular set of errors. If you can spot them by yourself, you might as well save yourself a few bucks.

What are those common mistakes Grammarly is keen to pick up on? …

I bet it does

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Before we get any further, I want to clarify something: I am a perpetual optimist. My snide memes shouldn’t trick you into believing that I am a pessimist waiting for this universe to explode. I would fail 100 times to try 101 times and would recommend you all to continue your valiant, relentless efforts to achieve success on Medium.

However, it is also true that most of us are struggling to get a move on, questioning our choices, and always wondering how to create a fascinating article.

Statistics show that only about 8 percent of users on Medium manage to…


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On a bright sunny day in Pasadena.

Leonard: You seem to be in a bright mood. What you doing there?

Sheldon: (Without taking his eyes off the computer) Oh, I have been working on this blogging platform called Medium. I am exfoliating its algorithmic brain.

Leonard: Blogging? You already have more than one medium to torture people. What happened to your Fun with Flags?

Sheldon: Well, for starters, this one has a credible method to make money. Unlike Google Adsense, which couldn’t see the genius behind FWF. It’s a shame for a company that claims to be farsighted.

Leonard: The proverbial sour grape, huh?

Sheldon: Sour grape…

Yes, we are on the same planet.

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I held my breath as I watched the astrologer’s hands fiddle through the magic beads. My parents, drunk by the enormous gravity of the situation, looked at each other. I tried to remember the ‘deep breathe techniques’ to keep my raging heartbeat rate under check.

A few seconds from now, his hands would separate a certain number of beads, and that would pretty much decide if I can marry the girl I love!

You think I’m joking? Relationships are the last thing I kid about.

Welcome to India. And Welcome to the consulting room of an astrologer from a local…

Who is the Pope?

photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

It was in July 1497 that Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer set sail for India. King Manuel of Portugal had assembled a crew of convicts to assist da Gama in this risky voyage.

The mission was largely propelled by commercial and a bit of religious interest. The Portuguese were looking for new markets while expanding their faith.

Finally, In 1498, the crew reached Kappad, a part of Kerala, the southernmost state in India. I have already written an article about the unique experiences this team had to endure in India. (link below). Do take a look.

Post the Portuguese…

Is he the most terrible innovator?

photo credit: history of exam

Muhammad Bin Tughluq, once the Sultan of Delhi, ruled many parts of northern and central India from 1324 to 1351 AD.

He had a keen interest in astrology, medicine, and mastery over several languages. Despite all his achievements in other fields, the king is tagged as a ‘wise fool’.

What could he have possibly done to deserve an oxymoron like that?

Well, the attributes don’t stop at ‘wise fool.’ Here is what Stanley Lane-Poole, a British archeologist said about Muhammad Bin Tughluq:

“With the best intentions, excellent ideas, but no balance or patience, no sense of proportion, Muhammad Tughluq was…

This is not some fancy sex book

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In Modern India, sex is often discussed in hushed terms.

Even the school teachers wish to rush through the reproductive lessons; parents blush to speak out openly, leaving the children to figure it out all for themselves.

Ancient India was a different breed, though. They were raised in a higher state of consciousness that they could discuss sex the way we would discuss politics or sports.

Indian mystic Sadhguru best captures the essence of this trend in his words:

“People were ruled by their consciousness, not by morality or the fear of punishment. …

The revolution you know, the story you didn’t

A memorial to the Indian revolt of 1857. photo credit: Wikimedia commons

The year is 1857. India’s first War of Independence had just begun.

Although India was a big country, the revolution erupted only in certain pockets of northern India. Against a mighty and scientifically empowered British Empire, this was far too little.

A year later, the invaders successfully managed to crush this revolt.

However, the first War of Indian Independence, or Great Mutiny, was a significant episode in the Indian freedom struggle. It raised feelings of patriotism; it united people of different origins and taught them to fight as one.

A part of the credit for this revolution should go to…

An incredible fashion choice!

photo source: wikimedia commons and modified using Canva| Italian traveler Pietro on the left

If you are a woman, try putting on a pair of shorts with a t-shirt, and walk through the streets of India.

What you think will happen?

Unless you are in one of those metro Indian cities, there is a decent chance that people will stare at you. Try traveling through a village street, at least a hundred pairs of eyeballs are guaranteed.

Indian communities, in general, are extremely sensitive towards ‘outfits that upsets culture.’ Low skirts, sleeveless tops, tight shirts- there are umpteen choices that bother the majority here.

Indian citizens mostly assume that they inherit this rigid mentality…

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