Hey Einstein, We are birds of same feather

John was a terrible Medium writer. But he didn’t lack imagination or command over the English language. What he sorely missed was consistency, patience and a handful of wisdom to see through his frailties.

So, John complained, complained, and complained more.

He sneered at the successful Medium articles and dubbed…

Homicide in 1992, a verdict in 2020!

March 27, 1992, 4 AM: Sister Abhaya, a nun in St. Joseph’s Congregation for religious sisters under the Knanaya Catholic Archeparchy of Kottayam, Kerala(a south Indian state), had just woken up.

The 18-year-old Abhaya wanted to finish significant portions of her lessons early in the morning itself. She proceeded to…

Greed, lust, and blood oozed on that fateful day

Dushyant Sharma lived a straightforward life. He was moderately built and employed in a mining company, as one of its project manager. His life, along with his wife and son, was smooth flowing like a quiet river. No frills, no fancies.

But deep inside, the 26-year-old Sharma’s carnal instincts were…

Perhaps you have spotted this guy

It was a chilly 4 AM on January 22, 1984. A man traveling through a south Indian village in Kerala had just picked up a frightening sight.

A black sedan engulfed in flames right in the middle of a paddy farm. …

Wait, the same boring analysis all over again?

It was in December 2020 that I started taking Medium seriously. In the next six-eight months or so, I had delivered a few articles, and I would still vouch for their quality.

The run-of-the-mill self-help listicle, Medium based fiction featuring Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon Cooper, crime stories, I had given…

You won’t believe how he killed his wife

Suraj Kumar, a 27-year-old bank clerk hailing from South India, met his wife Uthra through a matrimonial service. These services are basically like your Tinder, but instead of preferences and personal tastes, what gets mostly advertised are caste and religion.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

This article will give…

Aravind Balakrishnan

Introvert or Shy? Not sure. Bibliophile or Cine-buff? Both. Nethead or Story-writer? Still dunno. All I know is I want to write to live and I live to write.

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