Everybody is Raving About Money Heist, Here are 6 Reasons Why am Not Impressed by the Show

Before I go any further, I have to confess that I watched only until the second episode of the third season of Money Heist( La casa de Papel). A few more episodes beckon me, but I probably won’t dare to dive into that trap, as the show has already let me down a number of times. I have seen enough to know that it is not going to reincarnate into something better in the remaining episodes. So If some avid fan of Money Heist is fancying an argument that I cannot make an informed analysis, without knowing the series in its entirety, well this is strictly a post-mortem of only the first two seasons.

Also, I was sold to the most brilliant heist ever, at least that is how the fans have been putting it. But what I found was a cliched plot with abundant loopholes, needless romantic diversions, incomplete character development and some very ordinary acting. Here are 6 reasons why I simply couldn’t resonate with the show.


If there is a hero and a villain in a movie, in order for it to be an engaging affair, the villain has to be a stronger fit than the hero. If you are envisaging a plot where the hero has everything easy, like if his superpowers far exceed anything the anti-hero has to throw at him, if he is making a cake-walk out of the crisis, that does not make up for an interesting watch. The hero has to struggle, use all his prowess, maybe with some luck and help, he overcomes the challenges.

In Money Heist though, the police and Intelligence are made to look like absolute dumbos. Sure they have numbers on their side, they got more ammunition and gadgets, but it’s like the IQ of all the officers on their nation put together doesn’t even come close to the Professor’s!
The best officer they have to handle the situation is an emotionally vulnerable Raquel. Next to the professor, she looks like a chimpanzee who just learnt to use sign languages! Every set back the robbers suffer, like losing a few of their teammates, have sprung from discrepancies within their team. There is absolutely no competition that if they have to lose, they have to lose on their own.


How often can a person be saved by the skin of his teeth in a single day? How often can a person get to the exact spot he should be in the nick of the time? Well for the professor, this is just routine. I bet with that luck, all he had to do was to take a lottery and he would have made a fortune without robbing the mint.

Look at this sequence: Angel understands that Salva is the elusive Professor that they were hunting for.
He calls Raquel, but she doesn’t pick, because, oh she is busy making love.
But still, 16 miss calls… Apparently, not enough.
Let’s try voice mail, oh it’s full.
Let’s call her mother, oh guess what, she got some fancy amnesia. She writes everything on to sticky notes. But she doesn’t forget the fact that Raquel had used a stranger’s phone once. Let’s call him. By the way, what a convenient disease!

Professor comes in at the right time, finds the right sticky note and everything just falls into its place, just as he wants. Also, Angel’s drunk driving lands him in a Coma. The Professor must have bribed God to make this meticulous script.

Tell me how much luckier you can get. I understand you can use these twists to elevate the tension, but six or seven such instances in a single episode?

I guess the writer of the show eventually ran out of ideas of luck and decided to stick an orange thread to his suit.


I understand its purely a subjective matter, but for me, the only bright spots of acting in the show were Professor, Berlin, Arturo and Moscow. I was particularly upset that the story is told through the perspective of Tokyo, whom I reckon is one of the weakest actors of the show. It’s also possible that some part of their good acting was lost in translation.


One of the advantages TV shows have over Movies is that they got time on their side. They can show every detail, explain in-depth and can have better character development. See how Money Heist happily skips the details.

The moment they got inside the Mint, I was wondering how they would manage to leave the nation after the heist. Sure these officers have a mechanism to fortify the borders. While I was waiting for it to unfold, all the show offered me was a scene of robbers walking out in fancy costumes and then waking up in different foreign nations. We have to assume “the professor is very intelligent, he would have figured out a way”.


Raquel is the officer the nation turns to when they have a very serious situation. She must be highly paid. I don’t see any officers in her department above her pay-grade in the series, she gives orders to everyone. She must have had a good number of years behind her to be in that position now.

Now, if you are telling me that she was happy to betray every ideal she served for years, you tell me why! Is it love? If ten days of togetherness is enough for a person to forget all the values she obeyed for more than ten years, I think this world is not safe! I know the tide turned against her, but hey, it’s the job that put food on your plate. May be Raquel should see a doctor and see if she also got her mother’s convenient amnesia!

I don’t know if the coming episodes would reveal Raquel as some kinda undercover agent, but it looks unlikely now. For a person to switch teams so easily and have no tiny bit of compunction about it is definitely a curious case. What a poorly written character!


There are many big and small questions concerning the Professor that I simply cannot wrap my head around. He is touted to be a super-intelligent man, who can anticipate every movement from his opponents, but he fails to see that when you let men and women of a similar age group live together, relationships are bound to grow.
You see, he is very careful to avoid relationships.

When his identity was revealed and the situation got out of his hands, he decides to employ the services of Serbians to start tunnelling from the other side. Why on earth didn’t he do it earlier! What is so likeable about spending more time at the Mint! Also, I cannot relate to the character of Professor, who choose to do a heist, because it was his father’s ambition. With his intelligence, he should have figured out a better, legal way to live. Do not let his mild manners fool the underlying objective, which is dripping with evil.

I can go on quoting many more inexplicable details of the series, but let me leave it at this.

Yes, the series has its flaws, but it’s definitely not the worst show in the world. I was hooked to it on many occasions, to see how the complex intricacies will be untangled. But the way it did, I was left hoping for more. Netflix, Twitter and many fans of the show had almost sold me this idea that it’s a heist that defines this genre, but its far from it.

I apologise to all ardent fans of the show for my blunt exposition.

Introvert or Shy? Not sure. Bibliophile or Cine-buff? Both. Nethead or Story-writer? Still dunno. All I know is I want to write to live and I live to write.

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